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Image by Edward Boulton


Please view all the information on location, parking and gate access below.

If possible we would highly recommend downloading the 'what3words' app - it's free and will direct you straight to our gate! Our location on the app is: frog.noisy.apples

Due to the field not having a postcode, if you are not using the 'what3words' app, then we advise finding your way to our closest landmark first and then following the direction below from there. Our closest landmark is Hangar C2, Wroughton Airfield (which can be found on Google maps, was previously Swindon Karting Arena) 
With Hangar C2 on your right hand side, continue to drive on and down the hill (you should be on Barbury Lane road). The entrance to the dog field will be on your next right (before you get to the next hangar)


Parking & Entry:

Turn off of the road and through the first gate (which will be open upon your arrival - please loop it shut behind you for extra security and leave open for the next walker) 
If you arrive and the gate is shut, this does not mean it's locked, it is simply closed up and can be opened by hooking the chain off and back. 
During dry weather you can drive right up to the secure field gate.
The gate uses a simple in and out bolt (you must move the bolt stopper out of the way before pulling the bolt through)
The gate uses a padlock and the code is 1446. We advise that you padlock yourself in whilst using the field for security. 

If you get lost or need to contact us please call
07701 056042

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