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Image by Edward Boulton



The Dog Space provides a large secure field to let your dogs run free off lead.
If your dog has little to no recall, needs walking away from other dogs and people or if you simply want to walk your dogs in peace within a secure space, we are the perfect solution!

Image by Bruno Aguirre


The Dog Space provides a huge space for dogs to run, play and adventure. We are located in Wroughton, Swindon.

Prices start at £10.50 and we welcome group walks and breed meets to.

We charge per household rather than per dog so large dog families can enjoy without extra costs! find out more here


Our field has 6ft - 11ft high fencing with rabbit wire installed along the bottom, to keep both the biggest and the smallest dogs secure. The field is accessed via a padlocked gate ensuring you can lock yourself in and feel safe and secure. We also have private, off road parking just outside of the gate for easy access. 

Image by Gary Sandoz


We've made a conscious effort to keep our field natural and authentic, so dogs feel like they have turned up for a field walk, rather than to a created environment. We have left the grass long in places - great for smells - and created exploration areas with logs, a digging pit, tunnel & tyre stack. All whilst keeping plenty of open space for running and playing!

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